Why PCY?

Why Sellers Hire Pacific Cruising Yachts (PCY) –

  • Our brokers are experienced and specialize – your boat gets better representation from PCY knowledgeable brokers who specialize on your style/brand vessel, bringing higher offers and netting you more money.
  • Pro-Active Marketing – We don’t wait for the phone to ring, we’re proactively executing marketing that brings results – more buyer exposure bringing more qualified offers, netting you more money quicker.
  • Online Marketing – 95% of all boat shoppers search online at Yachtworld – Our paid YW MLS marketing brings more buyers.
  • Co-Brokerage – We share 50% of our listing commission with other cooperative Brokers who bring qualified buyers for your boat.
  • Broker Specialists – our brokers are tenured and experienced vessel brand/style specialists – not generalist or new brokers.
  • Marine Title & Escrow – Closings by 3rd party professional marine title guarantees funds.
  • MLS Online Marketing – We produce, publish, and syndicate your vessel listing on Yachtworld and syndicate to dozens of others.
  • We produce a customized URL website of your boat “www.Bayfield 36.info” – linked to YW and PCY.
  • Google Marketing – we PayPerClick to the PCY website.
  • PCY website SEO – We invest in SEO services increasing organic searches which delivers more qualified buyers for your boat.
  • Facebook – we link to your vessel website & PPC for specific buyer demographics.
  • YouTube – PCY Channel – we produce a vessel walkthrough video linked to PCY, YW, and URL.
  • Direct Marketing – we email and send postcard direct to our customer list 1650+ generating buyer clicks on the PCY website.
  • Pro Photography & Video – We create professional photos & video of your vessel for online marketing.
  • Broker to Broker – We phone solicit your vessel listing to co-op brokers nationwide bringing more buyers.
  • Print Advertising – 48North, NWYachting, Latitude 38.
  • Boat Shows –   Seattle Boat Show, Anacortes Boat Show, Trawlerfest, Annapolis Sail & Power Boat Show, Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, Miami Int’l. Boat Show.

First impressions count most!

When a buyer sees a clean and shiny boat with well finished woodwork they are keen to see more. When they see chalky, dull fiberglass, poorly finished woodwork with peeling varnish or damaged woodwork they see neglect and disinterest. If they want to see more, they are already thinking of a bargain basement price for the boat!

Before you list your boat for sale:

  • We strongly encourage a pre-sale survey.  The information gleaned from a full survey gives a Seller the control over how and when a repair is handled.  It also provides a 3rd party professional estimate of value based on current vessel condition and market.  Rather than wait for an unknown issue to come up with a Buyer’s survey, you can proactively decide how you want to handle the unknown and plan a strategy for handling disclosures.
  • Clean, buff and wax the hull and deck
  • Repair any damaged wood and refinish if necessary
  • Make sure all lines are in good condition, coiled neatly and not green with algae
  • Wash all canvas and repair if necessary
  • Buyers look for a clean well maintained boat
  • Assuming the exterior of the boat persuades a buyer to go below, the interior needs to look homey and well cared for. Make sure everything is neat and tidy and the interior is as clean as possible. Pay special attention to areas where buyers will look such as the bilge areas, engine room and the bathroom(s).
  • Remove all floor boards, clean the bilges and wipe down the floorboards
  • Remove all cushions and clean in all storage areas
  • Clean the engine. Consider adding a bright engine room light
  • Clean the commodes and sinks. We all know that head hoses can cause odor. Consider replacing hoses or, at a minimum, flush all hoses with a strong cleaning solution and then fill with fresh water (not salt).
  • Make sure all of the equipment on your boat is working
  • If equipment is included on your boat, make sure it works. If it doesn’t, any potential buyer will assume the worst and want an allowance for replacement or repairs. It is much easier and cheaper to fix things before you list the boat for sale than to pay to have it done later. Plus, once your boat is surveyed by a potential buyer, if everything works your sale is virtually assured whereas a long list of non-functioning items can often cause a buyer to have second thoughts and then the best you can hope for is a much reduced sales price to not lose the sale!
  • Check all electronics to make sure everything works. Get fixed those that don’t
  • Check all lights to make sure they work. These include all cabin lights and all navigation lights. Fix those that don’t
  • Check heaters, air conditioning and refrigeration and get them fixed if they don’t work correctly.  Now is the time.
  • Check your engine room for fuel, oil or water leaks. If they are present a surveyor will certainly find them. You can almost certainly fix these now more cheaply than if you have to pay for it to be done after a survey.

Buyers want to imagine the boat as theirs

Potential buyers want to imagine their stuff aboard your boat. They want to see how much storage there is and how spacious it feels. If they open a locker and stuff falls out the message is that the boat does not have enough storage. If the quarter berth or v-berth is full of sails or cushions or other equipment the boat will seem smaller than it would otherwise. Maximize the opportunity to sell your boat by removing as much stuff as possible leaving only a few books or cushions to make it look homey and cared for.
Remove all personal non-essential items leaving only a few things to make the vessel look cared for.
Remove all non-essential boat equipment even though it will be included in the sale. Renting a storage shed for additional sails, canvas, spinnaker poles etc will save money if it means your boat sells more quickly.

Keep the boat clean while it is listed

When owners list a boat for sale and especially when they move it to a brokerage dock they have mentally moved on. They are ready for their next boat or new home or whatever. Though it is hard to stay motivated about the vessel for sale, it is extremely important to keep the vessel in good shape once it is listed for sale. A buyer may see your boat at any time and it is important that it shows well. Those boats that are neglected take longest to sell and when they do sell it is for a lower amount than necessary.
Make a commitment to clean the vessel regularly or contract with someone do it for you
Come down to the boat and check it regularly, run the engine, a/c refrigeration etc. Equipment that is not used will often fail to work later.

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